Saturday, May 9, 2009

The BEST Mother's Day gift.

On May 10, almost the entire world will celebrate Mother's Day. We officially placed this particular day in the calendar to celebrate the special person in our life. Some may have a fancy dinner prepared either at home or in a restaurant. Others may use up the money they have saved up for to buy that very special jewelry, dress, bouquet of flowers, an hour of Thai massage or something to give "Mom" on this very special day. 
Although we have a lot of things we can think of to honor our moms, I have a list of the few things I would love to have on mother's day...

1- A Big Bear Hug. Hugs are just awesome! They just make my day especially if they come from little arms and hands stretched out wide just for me. I love getting bear hugs from my babies. I miss feeling their little arms around me and just miss that little squeezing feeling when they hug mommy tight. This just makes my day. It literally takes ALL my aches and pains away - physically, mentally & emotionally. I would give anything to get another bear hug from my babies this Mother's Day. But since I know I would have to wait a little while longer before I could get another dose of those bear hugs, I'll just cherish the ones I had before. You see, for me,  hugs would stay with you longer than a bouquet of flowers would in a vase. So, forget about buying the expensive ones, I would rather you give mom a bear hug instead! And don't let go until she does. =)

2- Butterfly kisses. I could never overdose on this one! Kisses from my babies are just something else. It's just something that soothes my soul. 

3- Reading a bible story together. I don't know why, but I just love lying down on the bed with my babies beside me and the book before us. I like the way their eyes gleam and I love watching those facial expressions as we go through one story after another. Priceless are the giggles and the smiles that they give out whenever we spend time together reading stories from the bible.

4- Holding hands. Though their hands are little, having to hold hands together and have little fingers intertwined with mine is just completely satisfying. Having little hands to hold mine reassures me that everything's going to be alright.

5- Saying "I Love You". There is nothing sweeter than hearing little voices say "I love you, mommy" over & over & over & over & over & over again...

The most important thing about Mother's Day is to celebrate it with Mom. Instead of being drowned with the many stuff the world offers to give to mom on mother's day, I wish that more children would realize that there really is nothing more special of a gift than that you have within you! So, this Mother's Day 2009, may we celebrate it knowing that moms will always be satisfied with just the simple but more important things in life. Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there including my very own Mommy Liza. I wish I could give her the bear hug and the kiss and tell her "I love you" in person this Mother's Day. God bless all the mothers around.


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