Monday, September 7, 2009

Hubby Love's Birthday =)

Okay, I owe my readers something since I haven't really posted anything in the past, what, 2-3 days? Well, let me let you in on a little something. I was out of the blogosphere for a while because my hubby arrived from the Philippines. I was thrilled that he was able to arrive on September 5th, which was also his birthday.

He took a long flight of about 16 hours from Manila to Guam, then to Hawaii and then Houston. His Continental flight arrived at about 8 in the morning. Since I was in Pearland, I had to drive out to the Bush Intercontinental Airport at 6 o'clock to give myself extra time for any delays in parking or something. I was at terminal E when my husband's plane arrived there, but I had to drive to Terminal C thereafter since their baggage were to be claimed there. I didn't have to step into the terminal anymore since my hubby was already just waiting at the curb outside.

Seeing him again after almost 6 months of being away gave me a feeling of warmth & joy knowing that I'm back in his arms and that I finally have my better half with me again. Best part of it, I get to wake up next to him from now on! It was such a blessing that God allowed him to fly in already, and on his birthday at that!

Anyway, we didn't have much money to really do what we wanted to do at present because we're both still in between jobs (hehe), so we just went ahead and enjoyed a little snack with my Uncle's family. I had to buy him a cake so he can blow his candles. =) (Thanks to my Uncle Leon for the pizza! Weee..)

I'd like to share with you some pics of our little celebration. Praise the Lord for another year in my hubby's life. I'm praying that he will have many more to come and that this year will be a fruitful one for him as he live it for God's glory.

Happy Birthday, Daddy "O"!
 I love you, very much.
His birthday cake. Oreo cookies... yumm!

Celebrate with us?! =)

The birthday boy blows his candles. 
(I was so tempted to put 32 candles on his cake, but decided to use the "Happy Birthday" one instead. Hehe)

Praise the Lord for another year in my hubby Ryan's life! 

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