Monday, July 25, 2011

Winning The Battle of Old, Part 1

There is a battle in the life of every individual, and perhaps the greatest that one will ever wage in is the battle between good and evil. We all are aware that there is a force beyond that which is in ourselves that would have the capacity to control us. This force could either be for good or for evil.

No, I'm not talking about the forces that we see on the big screen TV where red and green glowing swords clash against each other as noble and skillful Jedi battle with the Sith or those of the Dark Forces. Nor am I talking about the battle between the militant forces of two great nations that march on to strike assault at one another. These may be forces in battles, alright, but these are not the kind I am going to blog about.

The battle between good and evil goes more beyond fighting to uphold Justice and Peace. It is more than conquering new land. Its result has a much stronger impact and leaves a much longer lasting impression. In fact, the Bible tells us that it impacts life, but not as we know it, and it leaves an impression that goes beyond human understanding as it lasts for eternity.

Now, we need to put into its proper perspective that which we call "good," and that which we call "evil." Who's who in the picture and when did it began? The answer to these questions will depend on whether or not you believe in God.

With the awesome order in all the complexities of creation, and even of the human body itself, one cannot deny the fact that there is a "Creator" who for sure made all these natural wonders we see in us and around us.

No matter how hard others would try to deny the existence of Him who created us, there's just no sense in beholding the details and beauty before our very eyes, and believe that they all came into existence because of a cosmic burp! The truth of the matter lies in the Word of God. For the Bible tells us that in the beginning GOD created... (Genesis 1:1) He was the source of Life (John 1:4), and thus, creation received His breathe (Genesis 2:7; Genesis 6:17).

Eternity was the only thing that would have existed. In fact, it's what was set in the hearts of God's most precious creation (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The beauty and the wonder of creation  would have screamed of the glory and power of its Creator forever and ever!

But, we do read about a scheme, a deception, a cunning plan that managed to change all that. One moment, one lie, one mistake changed the course of time and of life. The first man and woman fell under the spell of one creature who questioned God, and who sought to usurp the authority of the Creator (Isaiah 14:12-14). They listened to his voice resulting in a costly disobedience on their part .

From that moment on, everything went a different route as sin entered the perfect picture. Eternity was taken away from man, and for the first time in creation's history death became a reality (Romans 5:12).

Humankind was enslaved with the lie... enslaved with the nerve to question God... enslaved with the thought of resisting His authority. Chains now bind the neck, wrists and ankles of the human soul, forever dragging it down into the deepest pits of the place prepared primarily for the devil and his angels--Hell! (Matthew 25:41)

As the chains of the devil squeezed tightly into place, man lost his desire for God. Man lost the appetite for God's glory. Man lost the hunger for holiness. Man lost the will to seek after the face of the One who created Him in the beginning. Everyone went their own way, like sheep without a shepherd. Lost, bound and broken the human soul was... (Romans 3:10-18)

But this battle had just begun! The Creator's great love for His precious creation could not be contained ... His great Love and Mercy for the bound and broken slave of sin and death has led Him to devise the only plan that could save humanity ... a plan that involves a once and for all death ... a plan that involves a truly great sacrifice on His part. The plan of salvation that will offer a way to bring back eternal LIFE called for God's great Love to have His one and only Son, Jesus Christ to come down from heaven and become like man, in order that He may be able to carry the burden of the slaves and die for them once and for all. (to be continued...)

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