Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My One True Love

This is a poem I made as I sat on the couch @ 2AM in the morning of August 17, '09. I pondered on feeling lonely at times and God just reminded me that I need not seek love and approval from anywhere else, I just need to see how much my Jesus Christ loves me! =) Hope you'll like it...

I sit at the feet of my Lord

I look up to his face and I see
the only face that calms the tempest in me
the face that calms a raging sea

I listen as he speaks my name
so beautiful a sound in my ear
the only sound that brings me joy abundantly
the sound that sets my soul so free

My Lord is holding my frail, rough hand in his
I feel the comfort of his grace
the grace that takes away all fright, you see
the grace he gives to me so freely

"Beloved" is what he calls me
it didn't matter if I was broken and ugly
"I bought you with a price," He says to me
"You're mine from now and 'til eternity"

There hasn't been a love so strong as this
I never had a love this true and deep
No more yearnings for approval of man
My Lord has loved me ever since the world began

O, how I love to stay with him
to give my time, all energy, all strength within
My whole entire life I offer thee,
My Lord, My Savior - Jesus Christ is He.

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