Thursday, August 6, 2009

O, Let That Someday Come!

Someday when all the earth would fade away,
Someday when everything has rotten and decayed,
Someday when time has passed and then the end,
I'll look up with a soul & heart that's mend.

Someday when dreams and wishes do not count
when all the glory of my God is seen on Zion's mount,
That day when every eye will see and knee shall bow,
I'll totally forget the sorrows, the hurt of life for now.

Someday when I would hear the trumpet call,
When we would stand as people saved from the fall;
That day when I would see my Jesus' face,
All troubles, worries, heartaches be erased.

Oh! How my soul yearns for that someday
When all is either black or white, not gray;
When everything else that surrounds becomes nothing
Compared to what the glorious reign of Christ would bring.

My soul is deeply longing for that day to come
When every person will just stand undone;
Before the throne of Jesus Christ the King,
Oh! How by that time my soul should sing.

Someday when every sickened body's raised,
When the depraved and deadened souls' been saved,
Someday when money, houses, cars, success no longer count
We'll see only Christ's complete payment of sin's amount.

Someday when no more mother's tears will ever flow,
And children's faces will forever be aglow;
Someday when no father's toil be left in vain,
Everyone will forget about what is there to gain.

No more striving, no more trying hard to win the show,
Someday we won't care about how our money would grow.
Someday when every soul stands judged before His throne,
All hearts will say "My all in all indeed is Christ alone."

When rebellious, darkened hearts be thrown to hell,
And only the righteous  holy ones will finish well;
Jesus Christ will be glorified in everything,
And I'll hear the glorious, thund'rous anthem in heaven sing.

Therefore, before it is too late,
Decide to enter through that narrow gate;
Call out to God with all repentance,
And be cleansed as you will wear Jesus' radiance.

Someday when Christ reigns as the King of kings,
How glorious, how majestic, awesome wonder it'll bring!
When that someday will eventually come,
My banner I will lift up high as all God's work on this earth's done.

I'll lift my hands and raise my voice,
And join the heaven in its thunderous, glorious noise;
Oh! My Jesus! Oh! My Lord! My redemption is finally here!
Hallelujah!!! Truly, truly in God's love there will no longer be fear.


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